This collection features 999 AI-generated iguanas,
each unique and photo realistic

How It works ?


Play the Red Iguana Game in Bellinzona and win your own iguana artwork


This is an art project by the Sato Code: Combining Escape Game and digital Art


Each piece is uniquely created by an Artificial Intelligence trained on the coolest iguanas available


It's time to get your Iguana

These artworks cannot be bought, they can only be won. In Bellinzona are 12 red iguanas hidden.
Each of these iguanas have a clue how to find the next iguana. If you manage to find all them in 60min,
you claim one of the 999 iguanas from this collection.

Start here to secure an Iguana:

Info about sato code

Sato Code is a team of artists, techies and creator. Most famously, they are the creator of the Escape Games in Switzerland and Italy. The red Iguanas is the latest project of Sato Code.

More Infos and Tickets: SATO CODE